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Paws Aboard Paws Aboard is a provider of safe and fun supplies for active dog-owners and their pets. We strive to deliver excellent quality products that focus on an active lifestyle on land, in water or on the go. Our products are always inspired by our own dogs that join us here in the office every day. Please take a moment to discover our innovative and functional products that your dog(s) will love. Ours certainly do!
Paws Aboard Life Jacket to the Rescue
LibbeyDear Sirs, I just have to tell you that your life jacket saved the life of our bulldog, Libbey, today. We were out in our boat and as always, put her in it. Libbey is 11+ years old ( which is very old for a bulldog). They are not known for their swimming abilities, so we do always put her in it. She now has a cataract and is pretty blind in her right eye...

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